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From the Desk of the Executive Director

RE: Club Soccer

I would like to welcome you all back from your summer vacations and give you a brief update as to our first year as Everton FL.
I now feel comfortable with releasing our numbers for club soccer. I have waited until now as I wanted to be sure of our total numbers for season 2008-09. It is with great excitement that I inform you as club members our numbers have increased by 138 players season 2007-08!
This increase is due to the following factors but not limited to:
  • Liason with Everton Football Club
  • Improved direction
  • Greater Leadership
  • Fundraising
  • Improved coaches slate
  • Improvements at our Facility
  • Forward thinking
  • More training opportunities on offer for players
  • Improved communication to our club members

So much has happened in a year it’s hard to believe that we have come so far? This is also due to the fact that our band of volunteers who work behind the scenes are driven to be the best and make a difference. I call these people our Unsung Heroes I really don’t think we have ever been as strong in this area as I look back over the 9 years that I have been at this club.

We of course must keep an ardent eye on things as we progress and stay on the cutting edge of current trends and policies. This in turn will ensure a good quality product now and for many years to come!
I ask that you be guided by us as the professionals and make this an enjoyable experience for all concerned. The Everton Way is synonymous with player development. This in turn will prepare your child for the bigger picture as they grow and prepare them for the next level of soccer. Technical competence is essential if they are to develop in to a complete player. In order to help this long the way we have implemented a 3rd night for Technical training only. We place basics and lots of touches on the ball as a pre-requisite of these sessions. I strongly urge that you send your child. Failing to utilize such opportunities will lead to your child falling behind as the attendees improve their touch on the ball. These nights are all posted on the www, with a current curriculum.
I will be updating you with further information along the way.
Tony Paris
Executive Director

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